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Cooking Diary Hack and Cheats Tool 2021

Cooking Diary, a simulation game by MyTona, is a trending game which is known for owning a restaurant, making tasty dishes, and keeping customer happy. All the stuff is based on a strategy where you need to collect coins and rubies. Use them to buy new stuff, upgrading ingredients, dishes quality, and focus on the rest of the factors. All these things are making this game quite impressive to try out. 

For most of the players of Cooking Diary, progression is a bit typical because it requires to focus on several aspects. Virtual currency is mainly causing the primary issue, and if you want to eradicate it, then you a consider going after the use of Cooking Diary Hack. This will help you earn coins and ruby for sure. Unlocking a good number of virtual currencies plays the most important role, and if you can’t earn enough, then you have a couple of extra methods.

Beginners can look after the easier tips offered in this game, which will increase the chances of getting better and becoming an advanced gamer. Let’s explore more about the game and Cooking Diary Cheats to become an advanced gamer.

Cooking Diary Hack

What Is Special in Cooking Diary?

After playing Cooking Diary, you will realize there are so many amazing things in this game that are making it quite addictive to play. It is not about the graphics only. The below mentioned are some of the best features which make it one of the best games over the other ones –

  • This game comes with a range of features that are making this game one of the unique. You can find a regular upgrade of features after every couple of months that make it one of the advanced games, and you can try it out without having any kind of issue.
  • You have plenty of restaurants to unlock, and if you are trying hard to earn enough amount of coins and rubies, then you will be able to get whatever you want. It is not only easy, but it is full of adventure which can make you love it for sure.
  • In case you are trying out this game for the first time, then there are many features that will help you know how to play. There are tutorials that let you earn basic resources. The best thing is, you can use Cooking Diary cheats if you are facing trouble earning enough.

These are all the major features of this game that can make you love this game. When you are trying hard to progress and don’t know how to do it, then you will love to prefer a Cooking Diary hack. It is not only easy, but it is full of additional.

Cooking Diary Hack – Rubies and Coins

One of the best things about cooking dairy is, you can earn coins and rubies by several methods. They can enhance the overall progression and make you a better gamer maintaining all the stuff. It is a bit typical in the beginning, but you can follow these tips –

  • Customizing the character is one of the important factors. It let you show what you want to represent. This will come in handy to impress your customer, which will make you a better gamer.
  • Making a burger is the primary thing in the game, which seems a bit typical, but it is easy, or you can call it a piece of cake work. You need to put all the things line-wise, as shown in the tutorial. There is no need to remember all of them because they are very few things already in the order.
  • You have the drink dispenser, and you can empty them up. This will give you a better opportunity to feel satisfied. It makes your character feel relaxed and ready for the rest work so you can check it out for sure. 
  • When you feed your clients and satisfy them with the taste, they give you a better score. This score is all about earning coins. When you are performing very good, then you will earn a good number of coins. The same goes for the earning of coins also.
  • An alternative option to earn coins and rubies is focusing on the in-game store. Or, you can consider the use of Cooking Dairy cheats. They will boost the number of currencies, and it is easy to become a better gamer for sure.

Along with these tips, you need to keep some precautions and follow all the tips wisely. If you don’t do that, then chances of getting into issues are higher.

Cooking Diary Cheats

Cooking Diary Hack and Cheats Tool Features

Several features are making Cooking Diary Cheats advantageous. It not only affects the chances of earning a better number of virtual currency, but you can keep on going well if you follow all the tips wisely. The features are –

  • Proxy is Everything

When you use the proxy tool, then you will browse the Cooking Diary hack website through a server that is encrypting the data. Your data will stay private, which makes it better. Proxy is simple, and you need to tick the box, and it is on.

  • Simple UI

Having a simple UI means that you can use the website directly. You won’t have to worry about learning the method. There is nothing like learning to code. You can begin directly and gain all the advantages.

  • Language Options

If someone doesn’t know English, then he/she can change the language easily. There are more than ten language options available to help the user. Even instructions are also available in other languages.

  • Root or Jailbreak

Rooting your expensive android smartphone for just a game is foolishness. So, our Cooking Diary Cheats tool doesn’t require you to root the device. The same goes for iPhone users. They can begin directly.

  • No Download

There is no need to download anything. You can visit the website and directly begin with the use. You just must open the main website and follow all the instructions, and you are ready to go with the same.

  • Unlimited Coins and Rubies

Earning coins and ruby is hard, but when you use this tool, you get unlimited coins and rubies. You need to follow all the instructions which will take less than five minutes, and you will have enough virtual currencies, which make it a better option. 

How to Use Cooking Diary Hack Tool?

When it comes to the use of Cooking Diary Cheats, most of the gamer might feel that it will be typical. Well, there is no rocket science or coding. You need to follow the steps, and you are ready to go.

Cooking Diary Generator

Step 1 – Checking Instructions

When you visit our website, you can find plenty of things on it, including the instructions. It will help you know about what matters the most and how to use it safely without getting banned from playing the game.

Step 2 – Moving on to New Website

You will find the “Generate” button. It is large and easy to see on the website. When you hit this option, a new website will load up in a couple of minutes. Let it completely, and then you can check out the privacy policy for assurance.

Step 3 – Entering Details

Here on this page, start by entering the basic details like your Username in Cooking Diary and the platform. Choose the platform and then hit the proxy tick so that you browse the tool safely. It will keep all the data encrypted to keep you safe.

Step 4 – Connecting

Hit the connect button, and it will keep on trying to connect with the online portal of developers. It might take a couple of minutes, but make sure that you don’t hit the refresh or back button here. Now, you will find the column to enter a number of coins and rubies.

Step 5 – Congratulations

When details are entered, check it out again and then press “Generate.” It will take a couple of seconds to complete the job. Make sure that you don’t open the game in such time periods to avoid the problem in the future. This will help you gain the required amount by Cooking Diary Cheats.


Becoming the top-notch gamer is everyone’s desire in Cooking Diary. You can be the best gamer if you use Cooking Diary Cheats by following all the instructions wisely. It not only makes you one of the best gamers; you can check out the additional tweaks which are available on purchase. During the first use, you should stay careful and don’t go after every tool.

The simple advice for every gamer of Cooking Diary is, do not spend too much time serving. You need to learn and keep on upgrading the food taste. It can be done by spending a little on ingredients. In addition to this, you can look after the use of Cooking Diary Cheats which will double the progression. You can earn higher XP with this method. It will be easy for every gamer.